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The Mummy MOT helped me heal my diastasis in 4 weeks!
Laura Lambert
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Andrea Denton
February 2020

Pilates at Vitality has saved my back post-surgery.  I love that I can go at my own pace & do what feels good.  The benefits have paid off in the confidence I have in my back now.


Claire Wilson-Binks
November 2018

Regarding the Holistic Core Restore Every Woman Course, I have seen a reduction in lower back pain and a definite strengthening in my pelvic floor when moving and lifting things on the go (I have small children and horses, so lift a lot).

I love the exercises but also the extra topics we discussed such a nutrition & sleep at the end of each session. Jana is so positive and knowledgable, I left every week feeling really inspired!


Sarah Rycroft - Vitality Goddess
November 2016

Sarah has shown that you don't have to be doing crazy exercise to release the weight.  Doing the exercise that is right for you.  Moving & eating in ways that are restorative for you are what allows us to release the weight & energize us on a deeper level.

Sarah said after my 4 Week Vitality Goddess Program:

"Measured myself & an inch gone from each of my measurements around my waist, hips & thighs.  I've lost 1 kg.  That is with dog walking & non-impact exercise.  Happy!

What is even more helpful, is I realise how much better I feel following these recipes & reducing the less helpful foods!  Thank you!"


Liz Hill
October 2016

I am so proud of Liz - showing that it is possible to carve out some really important self-care time & she has closed her diastasis gap within 5 months of having her lovely twins!

Liz: "Pilates has changed my life.  It's my 'me' time & I'm so happy that I've closed my diastasis gap!  For me one of the best things post natal is celebrating the small things!  Like taking the twins for a walk or drinking a hot cup of tea!  I think as long as you start small, a little exercise everyday like doing your pelvic floor work, can be done!"



Sally Swaby - Vitality Goddess
October 2016

Thanks to you Jana I have changed the whole way I eat and think of food.

With having an under active thyroid, I have struggled for years, but thanks to the Goddess Program with Jana, I feel a lot more energized and healthier than I have for years.

Since woring with Jana, and being a part of the Goddess Program I have lost 2.4 stone over the course of a year! Thank you!

I have a gluten and caffeine free diet now with smaller portions. I now have 3 meals a day with healthy snacks which I never had before. I never used to have breakfast but find the smoothies recipes in this program quick to do.

I make batches of healthy soups and freeze them so I can grab one in a morning and have delicious warm soup at work instead of calling for sandwiches! I then have a healthy meal at night before 7am as you advised, and drink lots of water in the day. It feels easy to do - because my new lifestyle makes me feel so energized!


Helen Swift - Vitality Goddess
July 2016

I feel so well.  I have lost 12lbs for the first time in a long time, and I now feel confident to put on my running shoes and go jogging!

I'm back from holiday & cravings green veg & green juices, so it must be an ingrained habit for me now!  I'm so pleased.

The best statement with the Goddess Program that has worked so well for me is asking "Does this food serve me well?"  This will continue to be in my mind in the weeks & months ahead.



Nicola Smith
May 2016

I've lost 1 stone in the 4 months I've been working 1:1 with Jana, with her new Vitality Goddess Mentorship Program.  The reason it's worked for me is because I don't feel the normal pressures you get when you go 'on a diet'.  

I've lost 1 stone, even whilst still having an occasional night out, and Jana doesn't judge me - she actually says I can eat something I really fancy - just really enjoy it!  

I feel like I've got a new perspective on food, as I now know food choices that will energize me and fill me, whilst I am busy & working shifts too!


Terry Peace
February 2016

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease nearly 5 yrs ago. I have had treatments that helped the symptoms, but I was still having problems driving due to my neck & left arm. A combination of trigger point & myofascial massage with Jana, and Pilates with Dan has released my neck dramatically & released the tension in my arm. I no longer fear road junctions or driving discomfort.

I exercise daily to maintain the improvements & I've visibly noticed the good alignment in my shoulders now too. I am grateful to Vitality for their help & will continue as their client indefinitely.



Tracey Jones
November 2015

Tracey is an absolute inspiration to me.  During our very first nutrition consult back in 2012, Tracey had abdominal pain & her key focus was to feel well & re-gain a long-gone sense of energy.  

With my detailed assessment we quickly uncovered some digestive inflammation & poor gut health.

 Tracey then followed her customised plan very closely, which gave her alternative foods to eat & plenty of creative choices.

As her energy & digestive system health rocketed, Traceys' weight naturally went down, as a result of fuelling her body with healing & nourishing foods.  

She continues to this day as her own 'nutrition detective' eating what keeps her full & satisfied - which does change over our life-phases.  Tracey is a true testamony to how nourishing foods can become part of your lifestyle & is a great source of knowledge to our newer Vitality clients.



Irene Swift
September 2015

"I just wish I'd known Jana years ago. I had suffered from headaches for over 30 years, and I always had shin splints.

I approached Jana initially to see if she could help with my tendonitus ion my legs. After completing a detailed health assessment, Jana combined a specific diet & exercise program. This sorted out my headaches, shin splints & tendonitus. Through Jana's exercise programs I feel the benefits & no longer need pain killers. With the new knowledge that I am gluten intolerant, & can choose alternatives that keep me headache free - I am a totally healthier person in just two months - and I'm steadily loosing weight too."

Since this testimonial Irene has continued to stay headache free & has lost, and kept off over 21lbs in the last two years.


Nicki Hart
August 2015

Nicki started massage treatments & back care pilates with us last year in a big attempt to get out of pain.

She says "My back was so bad I thought it was too late for me.  But at Vitality, slowly the pain reduced - and by December the muscle spasms had gone.  Now I do Pilates and Power Plate classes - I'd come very night if I could!"

Nicki has inspiring motivation - and is so dedicated keeping up with the self-care tips at home - because she knows they work!  As an amzing bonus Nicki has also lost 22lbs & has kept it off consistently this year.


Rick Lunn
July 2015

In 2010 I suffered with back pain due to cricket, football and general day to day pain. From April 2011 I have been attending a mixture of Pilates back-care classes and Power Pilates and would highly recommend the classes. As well attending these classes I have seen Jana for exercise programmes and sports massages. The programmes created by Jana have built up my core-strength and alleviated pain and increased mobility.

Jana has been my Performance and Conditioning Coach for over 3 years and I have been able to play sport pain-free. Since April 2011 I have bowled nearly 800 overs at cricket which is approximately 4800 deliveries.

I never thought this would be possible after the pain and difficulties I was having in my mid-late twenties but now I am able to play cricket and bowl with confidence knowing that the Pilates classes and the programme Jana has created has worked / is working.

As well as the classes and exercise programmes Jana has looked closely at my diet and nutrition intake. I have attended the very useful detox sessions and took her advice on board about my gluten intake and my need to increase the amount of protein I eat. All of this has allowed my to feel less bloated and to recover from sport quickly.



Laura Lambert
May 2015

Since joining Vitality in April 2014 I have lost 20 lbs.  I had NEVER had interest in exercise before & was still carrying 'baby weight' and had a diastasis, after my youngest child at 5 years old! Working with Jana my diastasis healed in 4 weeks, and I am now a total convert to Pilates & Yoga!


Deborah Redmond
March 2015

I started at Vitality as I needed help with longstanding back pain.

I wanted to get these problems sorted as I had signed up to a week of trekking to raise funds for charity and knew I would really struggle if i didn’t get help.

The difference was apparent within weeks - individual session with Jana helped to release tight areas and helped me understand the muscles I needed to strengthen, and the Pilates sessions put it all into practice.

People even asked if I had lost weight.

An unexpected bonus was the Plantar Fasciitis i have had for years was now gone.

The classes are so friendly and with the low numbers in classes, you really do get a lot of attention with them checking you are doing each manoeuvre for maximum effectiveness.

And having successfully walked 80 pain-free miles in Burma, Im defiantly going to keep up with my Pilates – its too much good to stop now!


Mary Hargreaves
December 2014

Client of the Year 2014!