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I just wish I'd known Jana years ago. I had suffered from headaches for over 30 years, and I always had shin splints.
Irene Swift
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Q: What should I wear?
A: Comfortable clothes you can stretch in.  Socks for Pilates, and indoor trainers for the other classes.  Bring water or buy some here.  We supply all the mats & equipment.

Q: Is there an age-limit to classes?
A: You need to be at least 18 years old to use the power plates.  Teenagers from 13 can attend Pilates when with an adult that holds complete responsibility for them.  There is no maximum age!  We have ladies & gents in their 70's attending Pilates.

Q: What level are the classes?
A: If you are a beginner or are recovering from injury/surgery/having a baby please join our RESTORE classes - these are absolutely tailored to create a strong foundation.  If you have previous exercise experience, want to boost your metabolism and have NO INJURIES you can join the BOOST classes.

Q: Is there parking on-site?
A: Yes - we have a customer car park situated on the side of our building. 

Q: What if I can't make a class?
A: If you cannot make your usual class, use the online scheduler to take yourself OFF the class 24 hours beforehand to avoid loosing the class credit.  You can then use your class credit at any time over the next 6 months whilst you are an active member.

Q: How are the monthly payments worked out?
A: The £29 or £49 per month reflects the 45 or 90 classes over the year, split into 12 equal monthly payments

Q: What if I can't use all my classes up over the month?

A: Your un-used/early cancelled class credits will roll on to the following month.  All class credits will expire exactly 6 months after the sale date, whilst you are an active member.  We are open for 45 weeks a year, which means you will want to book 1-2 classes a week to use all your class credits.

is NOW the time that you take control of your core?

Is NOW the time that you return to moving with confidence?

Is 2019 the time you finally get a super-strong back & core?

If the answer is YES, please read on!

Join us in our small supportive classes:


We specialise in functional fitness including Pilates & Power Plate to rehabilitate muscular concerns & build a SUPER-STRONG CORE, with your health at the centre of our focus.

Clients come to us because they want safe and effective exercise that gets they can move with confidence, completely supported by our highly trained team.  Our classes have a maximum of 6-12 members, so everyone receives 1:1 attention.

We could be the perfect fit for you if you answer 'yes' to most of these questions:


  • You have specific goals in mind & want a plan of action.
  • You want smart exercise delivered from experts in the field of rehabilitation
  • You need a class tailored to your needs; especially when you have current or previous injuries or pelvic floor considerations
  • You need to feel safe in the knowledge that what you are doing is relevant to your needs & life phase
  • You want to feel re-assured that what you are doing is right, in an un-intimidating environment
  • You want small classes with between 6-12 members - so you get great attention & the RESULTS you need
  • You want to Progress effectively - classes that take you from pain, stiffness, sluggish metabolism to EASED-UP and ENERGIZED!
  • You don't want mirrors! Our minimal mirrors are only used on occasion for technique purposes.  Instead we have beautiful art-work & soft coloured walls to promote relaxation & space
  • You need specific advice & progression - we will recommend the right class courses for you as you progress
  • You want to be in charge of your schedule - use our app to book classes & re-schedule them with a 24 hour window


Choose the MEMBERSHIP OPTION to get complimentary access to my exercise library!

  • Member-only training guides & plans
  • Library of Pilates, Meditation & Stretch Videos made exclusively
  • Follow breath-by-breath at home, to progress between classes
  • Link via a private portal (NOT facebook)

What is the best way to start?

  • When you know you want a place on the classes, you may want to purchase a 1:1 BEFORE you start a class if you have any muscular concerns or big goals you want to reach
  • In the 1:1 I perform in-depth muscular tests to assess where you are at with your core strength & muscular concerns.  As well as provide either massage &/or go through step-by-step, key exercises that are personalised to you.  I will then also be able to tailor the group session you then enter, according to what you need
  • In the 1:1 I will also make sure you have a follow-up email with your exercise program detailed for you
  • We discuss which class fits your needs best & offer a one off trial of 4 classes for £24 (subject to availability)
  • There are only 6 places in Power Plate Courses, & 12 places in Pilates courses, so please don't delay if you need more info, or simply sign up for your 1:1 straight away!



Why do these courses get results?

Simply put, your body is completely connected!  So any imbalance in the back, core, shoulder etc is going to have an affect on alignment elsewhere in the body.  When it comes to exercise, you COULD DO any type of dynamic jumping about...but is it the BEST CHOICE for you & your needs?  When we re-establish core connection through evidence-based awesome exercise like Pilates & functional movement patterns, we re-align our body so we can move freely & with ease LONG-TERM.  

Our Restorative programs take into account your core, your breath, your pelvic floor & re-establishes a super-strong system!  It is time-effective, so you lay GREAT FOUNDATIONS to progress forwards with your health rather than jumping forwards with a faulty core & getting injured again.


  • The classes within the membership expire 12 months from the sale date.  You have full responsibility to book your place in each class.
  • If you need to cancel a class, you will need to take yourself off 24 hours before the class starts to avoid loosing your class credit.

I am absolutely passionate about you achieving your goals, as I want you to feel as good as these happy clients.

Before joining Vitality, I was looking for a class in which I could learn how to do Pilates properly. I tried Vitality, and I'm truly delighted with the instruction, atmosphere and the lovely sense of community that Jana & her team have created. It's a real gem & I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Rolling Weekly Membership Classes


45-55 mins....Pilates creates strength from the core. It is excellent for rehabilitating from injury, as well as flattening tummies and increasing flexibility. Pilates is relaxing & restorative in nature due to the breathing technique - perfect for those of you who lead a busy life!  These classes are taken by expert instructors, with Years of specialist training.  Choose on the timetable from beginners, back care (as your next step after physio), pelvic floor friendly (for pre/post natal or pelvic concerns) or advanced classes as a progression.

Barre Classes

1 hr....Barre classes are set to upbeat music and incorporate high repetitions of movement to help craft a long, lean and strong physique. Class begins with a warm-up followed by full-body barre and floor work incorporating various props and small weights, and ends with some pilates & stretches. Our teachers are on hand to guide you through every step so don't be nervous - you'll be fab!

Power Plate

30-45 mins...Stimulate your muscles multiple times per second with Power Plate training, so you can achieve maximum results. Small group classes are ideal for rehabiliting injuries, re-training the core after trauma/pregnancy, & take you through to HIIT style as you progress. In these classes we work on functional movements to get you back to feeling lean & strong.  Choose 'Power Pilates' for rehab & beginners, or 'Power Plate' or 'Power HIIT' as a progression.

BOOK HERE: 3 Steps to success

1:1 1 Hour Initial Assessment, Treatment & Plan Bespoke to You

Please note our 24 hr cancellation window

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Intro offer 4 classes for £24

Please note our 24 hr cancellation window

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Loved it?!

New easy memberships coming ready for Sept!

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