**NOTICE TO ALL CUSTOMERS** Due to the new Government guidelines on the COVID-19, although everything is well at Vitality Centre, we have temporarily closed the studio.  All 1:1s are available through Zoom as well as Zoom classes!

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A personalised initial 1:1 consultation dedicated very specifically to your exact concerns, may be the best 1st step

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Self Massage Myofascial Release Zoom Workshop Fri 5th June 7.30pm

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4 week online programs coming soon

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My abdominal pain has gone, my energy has rocketed & I lost weight as a result too!
Tracey Jones
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Will These Online Programs Help Me?

Welcome to working out with me whilst staying at home!  Right here are the bespoke solutions tailored to suit your lifephase & how you are feeling in your body.

Who Was This Created For?

Maybe you would love the schedule of tailored sessions in your diary & the social connection of others experiencing a similar journey with their wellbeing.

Maybe you love the idea of being able to join in pre-recorded content at a time that suits you.

There is something here for everyone that is on the road to recovery in their wellness journey, be it back pain, pelvic & core recovery or those wanting more hormonal harmony in their life!

I look forward to 'seeing' you on the inside!

Which course is right for you?

Do You Want Unlimited Classes From Home?

With a variety of classes to choose from 20-45 minutes in length, from Back Care, Pilates & Barre, you will be in safe hands.

Choose to connect in real-time with the community of likeminded people in Zoom classes & inside our private facebook portal, or replay at a time convenient to suit your schedule.  Click here for details.

Are You Recovering From a C-Section?

'C-SECTION RECOVERY' -The deeper approach that is required to ensure that your recovery is truly an inside-out affair.  Deep assessment of your core strength, and then a program involving hands on massage therapies, nutrition, scar tissue release, postural re-alignment work.  Then finally, the  ‘core restoring’ exercise More details here. An online version is in process of being designed.  Please contact me for more details.

This program can also suitable post abdominal surgery including abdominal hysterectomy.

Do you want to feel Mobile & get out of Pain?

This is an ESSENTIAL part of YOUR self-care toolbox.  Drawing on self-directed massage, known as myofascial release, breathwork practices, & Pilates, you will be able to recover & heal your muscles & tissues.  4 week online course coming soon, one off Zoom workshops bookable below!

Do You Need a Pelvic Floor & Core Tune-Up?

Connect to your deepest abdominals & recover from mild pelvic floor dysfunction.

A new fully online program coming for you, combining the World of Pilates & Barre & the latest Pelvic Health Science.  You will work your whole body, reconnect to your deepest core, & learn how to properly activate your pelvic floor.  This is a really critical part of postnatal healing, and also a core retraining when starting exercise no matter how long ago your had your baby.  Contact for details.

Why do these courses get results?