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I realise how much better I feel following these recipes! An inch gone from each of my measurements too!
Sarah Rycroft - Vitality Goddess
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Bleeping alarm, crazy kids, achey bones, snooze button?? (Or all 4?!)

Lately I've found myself really tired when i wake up, so I've turned back to my 'self-care tool-kit' that I've built over the Years (one of things I love to help clients to create too!)  If you are anything like me....your finite amount of energy is often challenged by the curve-balls of parenthood, the juggling 🤹‍♀️ of work & home...not to mention the sleep!

This is why Self-care is Health-care.

Keeping your 'cup' topped up supports your energy for those curve-balls.

Here is my 4 MUST go-to solutions for a feel-good morning.  These are all quick to do for busy households!! - I hope these are useful for you.  If so, do let me know!


Sometimes the best thing sounds just too simple to be true...but if you know know how I harp on about water!

500ml on a morning not only increases our metabolism by 30% for 2 hours, it also floods the system with goodness, and gets us moving!

If you imagine compressing on our muscles all night long, in the same way to compressing a sponge - all the water gets squeezed out.  Pump the water back in by offering water & then also moving too (choose your favourite pilates move here!)


If you have woken up groggy...essential oils are amazing for stimulating our brain!  Research has shown how inhlaling oils goes to work on our limbic brain & helps calm the nervous system.

Certain oils have different properties - choose a roll-on, rub into your palms & inhale for best results:

Peppermint - for focus

Orange - for lifting our mood!

Lavendar - for relaxation

Bergamot - for relieving anxiety

I made a 'clarity' blend that has many of these in - do have a tester when you next pop in!



One of my missions at Vitality Centre (& via this blog!) is to create an environment where you aren't navigating the ups and downs alone, where YOU can have a support team, with others that are on a journey like yours (And that includes me!) 

Research shows a dark room is beyond important for restorative sleep.

I like to induce the relaxation response even more with phones out of the room & lavendar pillow mist too!  That sounds dreamy, and it is!  I have samples of the pillow mist in Vitality if you would like to inhale some goodness as you leave class.


Expanding our diaphragm with slow deep breaths helps to ease out tight muscles.

Breathing deep also increases our 'vagal tone' basically this is our longest nerve from our head & innervates lots of organs, especially in the gut & helps induce a calm system.  I go through this in depth in my Rel-ease workshops.

So...before the kids jump on you, or the emails ping...take as little as 3 slow breaths...and notice the difference tomorrow morning!  Good luck :-)


I'd love to know...what are you favourite go-tos to help you get going in the morning??  Do let me know in the comments below