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My abdominal pain has gone, my energy has rocketed & I lost weight as a result too!
Tracey Jones
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Wowee!  Where did that time go??


This Week marks our 8th Birthday at Vitality Centre, and this week we are celebrating YOU - it really is the community that makes Vitality what it is!

Our lovely client Chris, summed it up brilliantly yesterday:

"We come in mainly for massage or Pilates, but actually we leave with so much more.  Everyone is so friendly, so if you arrive feeling a bit down, you certainly feel lifted by the time you leave.  Everyone has been a beginner to class at one point, so it's important that everyone feels welcome.  We certainly all leave smiling!"

Here goes with some of our memorable moments....and I raise a glass to many more!


1) The Renovations

Vitality Centre started as The Warren House Public Inn, on the map of history for the Luddite murder in 1812!  We think it's much calmer scene these days...but it did take 18 months to renovate, mainly in Dans spare time whilst working full time!  In January 2012 we opened the doors:

This area below was the worst affected area - the corner of what would become the Power Plate room, was falling down.  After the ceiling being hoisted by RSJs, with the help of builders, Dan built it back up brick by brick.

2) Early Arrival

Never will I forget the day, when I went into labour whilst massaging a client.  We still introduce Janet to newbies, as the lady that rubbed my back whilst I waited for Dan to bring the car round!

This is Joshua, wrapped up ready for his very first ride home from hospital.

3) My Inspiration

Joshua was born with a positional foot talipes (his foot externally rotated and touched his ankle)

Miraculously, we found an Oestopath who 'unwound' the connective tissue in Joshuas system to bring his foot to the right alignment.  It was extremely gentle & mind-blowing - how he created such change with such ease.

This set me on my track to become a myofascial release therapist in 2014, which is part of every treatment I do.  The body is completely connected from head to toe, with all muscles encased within connective tissue - so it makes sense to me to make sure we are working with the whole person.

Specific techniques that can be very light & gentle, help to unwind adhered/stuck connective tissue & stimulate the stretch reflex.  Switching on the relaxation system is so important for people who have chronic pain or scars - it's one of my greatest passions!

This is Joshuas foot before treatment.  We were told to watch how he crawled & walked in case of further issues - thankfully he hasn't ever had a problem walking, or running for that matter!! 

4) Our Community

One of the best ingredients to this lovely centre, are the people who are in it!!  It's a joy to work with Sarah, Lynne, Laura & Dan.  I need to say again - the clients really make it what it is... Thank you!  Over the Years, there are so many lovely moments - what springs to mind is the Zumbathon for little Oliver Field, Total Warrior where we raised over £2000 for the local charity Waves, and the huge support during the Great North Run for Tommys, a charity close to my heart.

Here I am jumping out of an ice-filled skip with Paul for Total Warrior (I have to say he looks a lot calmer than me!):

4) Holistic Core Restore Special Mention Award 2019 for Pelvic Floor Restoration

I started out 15 Years ago as a Personal Trainer.  I found I was fascinated with why people had chronic pain, or mis-alignments.  This journey led me to the World of Remedial Massage, and more recently to specialise in the core.  I have to pinch myself that I get to do this for a living - I get great joy from working with my ladies with their c-section recovery & pelvic floor healing.

In May 2019 I was shocked & honoured to receive the Special Mention Award for my work, with Burrell Education at their Women On Fire Conference.

If I have learnt anything, it's that we are so much more magical than we believe.  Our capacity for healing is strong!  And, it is never too late to start your journey.

Here's to hopefully many more Years of Wellness!!

Take care, Jana x

ps....more renovation pics for you - before & after - It was hard to get the angle right for this one, as we built walls.  Where people once propped up the bar, became the relaxation room where we sip herbal teas!