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I have definitely strengthened my pelvic floor!
Claire Wilson-Binks
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Remember what it was like to play when you were little? All that wriggling about & NEVER getting stiff or sore??

Then we start to sit more as we work more, and we run ourselves into near burn-out, maybe forgetting the reason behind alll the work in the first place...

I'm here to let you know it's time to top-up your energy bank account. That play is important & you can feel really good in your muscles in the process.

After all, self-care is it's time to roll out your fitball for this weeks installment of strength training your core (whilst playing with a fitball!)  If you didn't catch the stretches last week, you may want to look at these here before doing the moves below.

Sounds like fun? Roll out your fitball & let's try out at home what we are doing in the Monday night & Friday morning Pilates classes this term:


Hip Extension

This move is GREAT for hip stability, lower back support & glute toning, especially when you push your thighs out against the resistance of a band/circle.

Sit on the ball & slowly roll yourself downuntil your head, neck & shoulders are comfortable on the ball.

Exhale as you gently engage your abdominals & tuck tailbone under.  Squeeze the back of your glutes (bottom) as you lift your hips up.  Try 12 repetitions & feel the burn.

Back Extension

A really important back strengthener, Especially if you have been hunched over the desk.

Let yourself round over the ball, starting with feet wedged up to the wall for stability.

As you exhale gently draw your abdominals in & feel the opening of your chest.  Be aware your head is an extension of your spine, you don't want to be over lifting your chin & squeezing the back of your neck.

Only come high enough to feel an opening of your chest & a squeeze in the upper, thoracic part of your back.  Try 12 repetitions, remembering to ehale on the extension.

Arms overhead is a big progression.

If you are unsure of any of these moves, make sure you ask me - I'm here to help!  Our classes this term that focus on fitball work are Monday at 8.05pm & Friday lunchtimes at 11.30am.  See you in class team!