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Pilates at Vitality has saved my back post-surgery.
Andrea Denton
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Have you been hunched over the desk, driving, or daycare for kiddies??

It's time to dust off your fitball.  I know you've got one looking sad & deflated in the back of your wardrobe...they are the most versatile piece of kit...& it's time to get some fresh moves to feel eased out & energized.

Today we are looking at stretching/releasing out the stuck connective tissue that gets us feeling all stiff when we hold our shoulders hunched all day...breathing into these muscles really calms the system.

Then next week we'll be looking at 'connection' to build strength once we have a good foundation.

1st up, let's ease into a good posture:

The (upper) Back Stretch

Even just looking at this picture makes me feel better, but we have got to take blow your ball up, have a seat & slowly walk your feet down until all of your spine is in contact with the ball.

Open your chest, palms up to the ceiling and breathe deep into your belly, waist & back muscles.

Have a little rock about, do what feels good in your body, and when you are finished slowly walk your bottom down to the floor to come off.

Once you are all the way down to the floor, bring yourself to kneeling for...

The Chest Stretch

This is heaven when you've been over the desk all day! Press an elbow into the ball & feel the muscles of the chest & arm waking up.  Now lighten your pressure and as you breathe, get a sense of your collar bones opening and shoulders drawing back & down.  Repeat up to 3 times each side.

My all time favourite next. This one is great if you get tight in the lower back, especially on one side.  A must for new mums that have a lot of baby-carrying to do too!

The Side Opener

Prop your feet up to the wall if that makes you feel steadier.  Spread your feet out as well.

Let your hip & side waist rest on the ball, and gradually take your arm overhead.  This can feel extra lovely if you rock around a little bit rotating your upper arm slightly forward.  Breathe into your back & visualise your muscles between the ribs expanding too.

If you like these moves, or would like some 1:1 instruction, do come down to class, where we have very small groups & tailor classes around each client in class.  At the time of writing (Feb 2020) we have 2 classes that will be using the fitballs with steady progressions all the way through to Easter.  By Easter you will be very proud of yourself, I promise!