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Can Movement be Medicine for the Menopausal Woman?

Due to the decrease in estrogen concentration in the menopause & post-menopause, this leads to bone-de-mineralisation.

When this occurs low bone mass, osteoporosis & risk of increased fracture goes up.

The fantastic news is that movement can be used to remedy bone-loss.  And now with even more studies on Whole Body Vibration, the reduction in risk of osteoporosis has shown some very very exciting results that I'd love to share with you today!

Firstly what is whole body vibration (WBV)?  It is a Power Plate that stimulates and oscillates the musculoskeletal system multiple times a second.  This in turn helps to improve muscle strength, bone mass & improve metabolism via improved growth hormone.


One 6 month study of 70 post-menopausal women exercised 3 x per week.  One group used Power Plates, one group used resistance based equipment, and the control group did neither.  The Power Plate users showed 15% increase in strength & 0.93% increase in bone mineral density.  The resistance based group & control group showed -0.60% and -0.62% in bone mineral density respectively.  See the study here.



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Yes we all know that eating less & moving more creates a calorie deficit...but....

Have you found restricting your calorie intake is such a bore, and left you feeling miserable??? 

And, have you found when restricting calories your cravings & hormones have gone crazy!!?  Relying on will-power never seems to last longterm...

If you are finding weight loss difficult...counting the calories & having less of them, appears at first enticing and full of promise, BUT this method DOES NOT mean you are going to burn fat as your fuel, nor be able to decide where in your body it comes from.


Why don't we burn fat as our fuel when we loose weight fast?

Calorie restriction for a quick-fix, often leads to more weight gain afterwards & also...saggy skin!  This is because the weight we lose when we restrict calories to loose weight fast, often comes from using our muscle as fuel.  Muscle is easier to access, rather than our body fat.  This is because our body fat is somewhat 'toxic' & gives our liver a lot of work to do to process.  Muscle is easier to burn as fuel when food is scarce.  

When our body believes food is scarce, this initiates our primal fight or flight instinct, which drives our stress hormone up!


Because our hormones influence every action inside our body, our way to get long-term weight maintenance WHILST ALSO FEELING BALANCED AND HAPPY is to work with our hormones.

It is our hormones that truly un-lock our fat burning capabilities.  And getting the hormones in balance = long-term results!

Our hormones influence everything in the body:

  • Cortisol & progesterone balance affect our mood, and cravings
  • Oestrogen determines our juicy joints & vibrant mood,
  • Thyroid controls A LOT - our metabolism, joint health, mood & more...

I am so excited when Women get empowered about how to work with their hormones!  And it IS possible to nourish yourself into health #nourishdontpunish is my mantra I use liberally!!

It is my job to give you these solutions at your finger-tips.  This is exactly why I designed my 4 week Online Vitality Goddess Program.  From the program, I've chosen 2 easy-to-implement ways to work with your hormones if you want to fire up your fat burning capabilities!


1) Raise your Human growth Hormone

Whats that?

This is the hormone that gets released when we create an oxygen deficit after interval training. (Often known as HIIT training.)  This lovely hormone uses fat as a fuel long after your work-out (yey!)  The appeal for HIIT training is that it is short in duration (great news for Mums & busy people!!)

An example of HIIT training that you can do without any equipment:

On your next power walk or jog, go to one lamp post faster than usual, then slow it down to the next lamp-post & repeat for up to 10 minutes.

Or, even better

Combine weights with cardio & work hard in 20-60 sec stints, like we do in our Power Plate classes, or in my work-out videos in my Online Vitality Goddess program.  This is one way of getting great fat burning by raising your heart rate, whilst also being pelvic floor friendly (ie - no star jumps!!)


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