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The difference was apparent within weeks - individual session with Jana helped to release tight areas and helped me understand the muscles I needed to strengthen, and the Pilates sessions put it all into practice.
Deborah Redmond
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Published: 20/08/2019


C-Section Recovery is challenging for many women and a deeper approach is required to ensure that their recovery is truly an inside-out affair.
Just like the Diastasis Recti client, there needs to be a deep assessment of the woman’s core strength and connection and then a programme involving hands on massage therapies, nutrition, scar tissue release, postural re-alignment work before we finally get to the ‘core restoring’ exercise part of the puzzle.
This workshop is here to give you DO-ABLE self-care strategies you can APPLY STRAIGHT AWAY, as well as a 'behind the scenes' look into the programme.
This workshop will be very small group & supportive,  click the image above to book your place.

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Published: 17/06/2019

Vitality Summer Challenge!

Are You Ready To Feel Supple & Strong This Summer??? Commit To 5 Weeks And Be Sunshine Ready!!

Get ready - Our Challenge Starts Monday 1st July & Ends 2nd August

This Summer you may be jetting off to the sun & need to carry heavy luggage, OR you might need to improve your balancing skills for more than just a cocktail or two...

Anyone can join.  Pick one of the 4 categories below that best fit your lifestyle:


Commit to attending one class a week > 5 classes in total


Commit to attending two classes each week > 10 in total


Commit to attending 3 classes each week > 15 in total!


There are prizes to be won!

Complete the challenge to be entered into our prize draw to be drawn on 5th August. 

Get an extra ticket into the prize draw by sharing/liking/commenting on a Vitality Centre social media post each week throughout the challenge!

You could win:

  • a FREE spa evening for 2
  • FREE access to my online Vitality Goddess 4 Week interactive program!
  • Products at the studio - Neals Yard & Wild Nutrition & Pukka goodies to win!!

Everyone who completes the challenge will receive a little goodie - Hurray!!

Make it a success for yourself - add accountability by Inviting your friends!!  This Summer, let's do this!



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Do you need to make sure you are near a loo when you are out?

Do you hope for the best when you sneeze?

Or have low back pain BUT it appears fine on an MRI scan?

If you know me, you'll know I'm a *little* obsessed with pelvic floor work, as it is a MUCH needed area of support.  I can LITERALLY feel the revolution of change in womens Health & Wellness, especially when it comes to holistic programming! 

That said, at the moment...pelvic floor is still a very taboo subject & it isn't widely known YET that you can TAKE CONTROL & BE IN CONTROL once more, with your bladder.

In fact almost 50% Women have a Bladder & Pelvic Health issue....yet wait 6.5 Years before they put themselves first, to get it sorted - when in many cases it can be resolved in 6 weeks!!

So, I'm here to spread the word that there is LOTS that can be done....and I cannot wait to share it with you!  So don't wait until you have a cold & get really fed up of your bladder.  Let's get pro-active now!


"If we've been continent once (ie - when potty trained) We CAN be continent again" ~ Michelle Lyons, Pelvic Health Physio


Could any of these 3 symptoms be driving your bladder issues? 


1) Impact.  It is common to leak when you sneeze, cough or jump...BUT I think it is largely mistaken for being 'normal'.

For MOST of is 100% fixable to return to a fully functional pelvic floor (joy!)  This means running about after your little ones with confidence.  Or, Leaving the house NOT worrying about where the nearest toilet is!  Doesn't that sound amazing!



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Calling all post-natal ladies that are concerned with your tummy! (no matter how old your child is now)

Do you feel concerned with your core? 

Are you worried about the 'gap' or doming down the midline of your tummy?

Would you like to feel more at home with your new body?

As someone who has been in this field for the last almost 14 years....I am concerned A LOT by what I see on social media...

Is it reality to think that we can go back to having a tummy like our 20 year old self?

I strongly believe this idealism does not do our sense of worth any favours (or acknowledge the miracle that our body has performed)

I am passionate about ladies feeling at home in their new body, and also about them being SAFE with the strategies they use to 'get fit' postpartum.

Most ladies, post-partum, have a gap in their mid-line, because of accomodating room for baby during pregnancy.


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Why would strengthening our posture help our pelvic floor?

Nothing in our body works in isolation.  Old text books used to display the start & end of a muscle, however, what we know through scientific research more recently, is that the muscles are bound toegther in a 'web' of connective tissue.  So if we have a 'chink' in the chain, this is going to have effect along the system.

One of the 6 chains is here - the superficial posterior line:

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With so many options for exercise out there, it can be hard to know which ones are the right ones for our body!

This was an extremely popular video I posted to facebook last week, and so I thought I'd share it here.

Knowledge is power as they hopefully this will give you insight to which exercises you can do to give you the most confidence.

After seeing mrs. Cluck my chicken do her moves, it does stick in my clients minds to help them breathe better & choose moves that are the right style for them!



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Published: 03/09/2018

What's happening in September?


IT'S TIME for EVERY movement, fitness and wellness professional to truly design programs around what YOU as the unique individual need & want.

We've surveyed all our clients, and in the very small groups of 6-12 clients maximum, we've got to the heart of what results you want, and designed the movement accordingly.  It's my mission to personalise your fitness journey & feel supported all the way.

So here is a sneaky peak of what is in store this September!

For those of you needing time-effective, higher intensity work >> working with the power plate really ups the game!

Try Power HIIT on Monday nights 5.15pm or 6.15pm:


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There are so many Pilates Classes these days, online, in classes, 1:1....but what do we really need to know before rolling out our mat?

1) Know that you will not always be a beginner

Everyone comes to Pilates for different reasons, whether its to improve their posture, get some 'time-out', or many times, it is to ease pain in a safe way. 

If I could give any words of advice to my younger self, I would have said, enjoy each move & don't compare your journey to anyone elses.  I think I'd have walked out of each class even more relaxed :-)

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With the pelvic floor being such a neglected part of the female body in terms of what on Earth to do to keep it functional....It is time we felt empowered, and, truly, the world needs more healthy vaginas!

Firstly, what is a functional pelvic floor?

  • It keeps us able to NOT leak when we sneeze or cough
  • It keeps us stopping passing gas in certain situations!
  • It ALSO can relax enough to squat down without feeling a 'heavy' sensation in the pelvis
  • and, allows us to have comfortable sex

To keep this area happy, you might have been told to "do your kegels"

  • A kegel is one full contraction of the pelvic floor.  This is perhaps what we come to think of when we are told to "squeeze" our pelvic floor.

The truth is, a kegel is not enough on it's own.

  • We have 45 other muscles that are attached to the pelvis, and the pelvic floor works in conjunction with these muscles.
  • The pelvic floor also needs to be supple & training it to relax is VERY important (please note, suppleness shouldn't be mistaken for weakness)

So, what can we do?

We need to get from doing a good quality integrating our pelvic floor with all the moves life throws at us, whether it's walking the dogs, to pushing prams or lifting boxes.

If you've ever had any pelvic floor issues, you cannot expect that a kegel performed in isolation, will then carry over to keeping us strong whilst we are out power walking or running.

We need a good quality rehab program that crosses the bridge between a kegel & that power walk/run.

Check out this lovely move below...this shows how a bio-feedback tool captures the activity of the pelvic floor whilst squeezing a soft ball, whilst exhaling on the exertion.  Pretty cool isn't it!

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Published: 07/08/2018

Awesome Ways To Restore Your Core!

Do you need to be near a loo when you are out?

Do you have to hope for the best when you sneeze?

Or...or you have low back ache that has been ruled out by an MRI scan?

If you answered YES to any of the above, the exciting news is, although these things are very common.....they should not be accepted as normal...and there are some lovely nourishing & movement based ways to rectify the issue completely!

Over the last few months I've taken a deep delve into all things pelvic floor...because it is a much needed area of support for Women especially.....because some EXERCISE CAN MAKE IT WORSE.....and some movement can ALIVIATE IT COMPLETELY!

If you are:

  • experiencing a low level prolapse
  • are post matter how long ago
  • have low back pain that has been described as a weak core
  • are menopausal

Then the following awesome ways to restore your core could be a REALLY good fit for you!


The very back of our bottom, the glute max, truly is a power house!  It supports the low back & helps assist the pelvic floor PLUS the good alignment of the knees & ankles. 

Start with a good shoulder bridge exercise, where you roll your spine off the floor & replace segment by segment x 12

The following is an advanced shoulder bridge we progress to...I promise it is possible ;-)

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