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Bleeping alarm, crazy kids, achey bones, snooze button?? (Or all 4?!)

Lately I've found myself really tired when i wake up, so I've turned back to my 'self-care tool-kit' that I've built over the Years (one of things I love to help clients to create too!)  If you are anything like me....your finite amount of energy is often challenged by the curve-balls of parenthood, the juggling 🤹‍♀️ of work & home...not to mention the sleep!

This is why Self-care is Health-care.

Keeping your 'cup' topped up supports your energy for those curve-balls.

Here is my 4 MUST go-to solutions for a feel-good morning.  These are all quick to do for busy households!! - I hope these are useful for you.  If so, do let me know!


Sometimes the best thing sounds just too simple to be true...but if you know know how I harp on about water!

500ml on a morning not only increases our metabolism by 30% for 2 hours, it also floods the system with goodness, and gets us moving!

If you imagine compressing on our muscles all night long, in the same way to compressing a sponge - all the water gets squeezed out.  Pump the water back in by offering water & then also moving too (choose your favourite pilates move here!)


If you have woken up groggy...essential oils are amazing for stimulating our brain!  Research has shown how inhlaling oils goes to work on our limbic brain & helps calm the nervous system.

Certain oils have different properties - choose a roll-on, rub into your palms & inhale for best results:

Peppermint - for focus

Orange - for lifting our mood!

Lavendar - for relaxation

Bergamot - for relieving anxiety

I made a 'clarity' blend that has many of these in - do have a tester when you next pop in!


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Published: 17/12/2018

The Benefits Of an Infrared Sauna

I am so excited to announce.....our Infrared Sauna room is officially Autumn ready!!

For a long time I've known the benefits of an infrared sauna, outwaying the usual saunas....and we've often dreamed of having our own!

But what is an infrared sauna??

Infrared saunas use LIGHT to create HEAT

Dry Saunas use hot stones to heat the air around you, which then makes you warm.

But because an infrared sauna instead relies upon light, it can heat your body directly without significantly warming the air around you.

The light waves from the infrared sauna penetrate deep (2-6 inches) into your body for a heating effect that allows more activation of your sweat glands compared to dry sauna. So an infrared sauna doesn't feel as hot as a dry sauna, but you sweat as much or more.

The infrared heat is the same type of heat as produced by the sun, but without any of the effects of solar radiation.

Within the next few weeks, you too will be able to benefit from it's detoxing & anti-inflammatory effects, as we get ready to open the doors to our new room!


What are the benefits?


Are you ready for this?? Number 6 is what made me need this in my life!

1. Improved Cardiovasucular Health 

This is in part because the increased heat increases blood flow.  See the study here for the trial that showed a decrease in a 50% decrease in CHD

2. Detoxification

Before you tell me that our body detoxifies everything of it's own accord....yes, our liver does do this job very well, minute after minute.  But, we are missing a trick if we don't consider the skin as our largest organ, and our largest detoxification organ.  Supporting this system fromt he inside out really helps to pull the toxins out of our fat cells.  See the study here for how saunas help detox toxins.

3. Improve our growth hormone

Our growth hormone regulates our body composition & helps burn body fat.  Raising our temperature does this.  So exercise improves our growth hormone, so too do infrared saunas.

4. Helps ease Arthritic & Muscular Pain

By raising the body temperature from the inside, we get blood flow & circulation flowing better, which really helps arthritus & muscle soreness ease.  A big study done by Dr H Isomaki showed how anti-inflammatory compounds increased & natural pain-killing endorphins released during sauna sessions.

5. Sleep Better

Researchers have found infrared saunas help with deeper restorative sleep, help with relief of chronic tension & chronic fatigue issues.  This is mainly due to the endorphins released by having the sauna.

6. Improve Stress Resilience

Research suggests that the hormones produced in the sauna produce a protective stress response.  For me, I know it helps me switch on my relaxation response, because I combine the sauna with taking time-out, focusing on my breath & leaving the World behind.  


If you would like to leave the World behind for an hour,  and come out a shinier, happier version of you, get yourself booked in here.

Class Members with current Memberships will receive 30 minutes free use at a time you schedule.

Sauna Open times:

Wednesdays 9.30am - 1pm

Thursdays 5.30pm - 8.30pm

Fridays 9.30am - 1pm

Other times are available by appointment, so please do ask (for example the sauna is extremely beneficial pre-massage appointment!)

Book your appointment on the link above, or by telephone 01484 766517


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Published: 12/03/2018

Get Your Best Night's Sleep TONIGHT!


This month we celebrate National Sleep Day, on Friday 16th March.  I know, I know, there is a day for everything these days...but this is an important one!!

It sounds too simple to be true...but the power of sleep is hiding in plain sight - ie - we all have access to it, but maybe we don't realize the true PRIZE of making it a priority??

It has been researched that not enough sleep leads to weight gain (see study here), and can contribute to depression.

I know when I've had a restless night, or went to bed too willpower in the World can stop me from heading to sugar for a lift at some point the next day.  I realised this profoundly, when I started making sleep my priority.

Perhaps you'll find a little gem in here that you can implement TONIGHT, so that you get a deeper more restful sleep. Or go crazy, and try all 5!!  

I am very intruiged to see what works for you, so do let me know on Facebook & Instagram - and be sure to tag me in your sleep endevours!

1. Get your 'friends' out of the room

How many of us go to bed & have a little scroll before we sleep?  Or use our phones as our alarm?  Or wake up & the first thing we do is reach for our phone?

Our electronic devices omit a blue light which suppresses meletonin - our sleep hormone.   So if we are having a little scroll before bed, we are hampering our bodies ability to repair & heal.  At best, have a electronic curfew a couple of hours before bed.  At minimum filter your screen to a RED back light (check your phones settings or download FLUX for a red filter.  All the blue screen stimulus plays havoc with sugar cravings too (due to the bad gut bacteria that loves the stimulus) - another amazing reason to step away from the devices & keep them out of our room.

2. Shut down the kitchen...but grab your cozy drink first!

It's been proven in a big study by Cancer Research, that having a window of 13 hours overnight without food is great for our health & cancer prevention.

So shutting down the kitchen around 7.30pm is a great idea...but do grab your cozy drink first!  I love sleepy teas like Pukkas Relax or Love.  This is due to the lavender content.  Chamomile tea is also sleep enducing.  See my popular recipes for my Turmeric lattes and healthy hot chocs too!

3. Get a high quality magnesium in 

This is without a shadow of a doubt, the BIGGEST game-changer for me.  Magnesium is responsible for over 300 reactions in the body including muscle repair.  Magnesium is sleep inducing & also helps curb sugar cravings. 

You can find magnesium in:

  • Leafy greens
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Beans & Legumes

However, due to food quality & stress, sometimes foods just are not enough these days.  If you are a lady with PCOS (polycystic ovaries) or PMS – taking a powdered magnesium like @nutri is a must-try.

If you have aches and pains, you may like to try magnesium spray, directly onto the muscle.  I love @sevenminerals

If you are local to Huddersfield make sure you check out our range of magnesium at the studio....whilst stocks last I also have samples to give away!


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Published: 12/02/2018

My Morning Rituals

In an ideal morning, perhaps we would wake up naturally with the sunlight, spring out of bed and go do a workout to feel mobile, energized & mentally lifted. 

Or maybe waking up mindfully & padding over to your kitchen to pour a hot lemon/cup of tea & take it back to bed is your thing....

For most though, or first few minutes of the day is our noisey alarm clock, or an equally noisey little one jumping onto your bed!

Mine is definitely the latter!  Then add in the stiffness perhaps - that statistically 75-85% of people experience in their can make for a groggy morning!!

So, realistically, knowing that our mornings can be hectic, whilst also really wanting to feel there a way to factor in something to nourish our muscles & mind??

Being in business now for over 13 years (I know....its getting harder to pretend I'm 25!) I've worked with 100's of clients to get them out of pain and back into balance.

Time and time again, the results come in when we combine manual therapy (massage) with Pilates & anti-inflammatory nutrition protocols.

This method is working so well, I just know I have to share it, so everyone can benefit.

Do you want to diminish your low back pain?

Do you want to get back into exercise, but you are nervous, or unsure of what to do?

If so, I really hope my top morning rituals can help you too!

Here are my top 3 morning rituals to get your daily off to an easier start:

1. Activation Triggers

These strategies here, start off with my daily 'activation triggers' (things that I put in place beforehand to make it easier).

My 1st activation trigger starts off with my work-out clothes being hung over my bed the night before. These work-out clothes need not be 'insta-worthy' BUT they are the most powerful thing I do to feel my best every day.  All I need to do is crawl out of bed to get them on!

2. Taming the flames of Inflammation

Once my work-out clothes are on...I then go and down 500mls of water to get rid of toxins & revitilise my blood, whilst the kettle is boiling for my hot water & lemon.  Lemon is actually really alkaline (which our bones, blood and basically our whole body loves!!)  The massive amount of water here has been clinically proven to shift our metabolism to work 30% higher for at least 1 hour afterwards.  How cool is that!!

3. Mindful Movement

Everyone is unique, so the correct programming for back-pain is absolutely essential.  Always check with your GP before embarking on an exercise program.  We follow the NICE guidelines here at Vitality for our 1:1 clients - which is the latest government guideline that states that manual therapy (ie - massage) as part of a treatment package that includes Pilates is an effective way to treat low back pain.

Our classes are small groups so we can pay close attention to everyone.  The following video is some of our most mindful & useful of movements, that I hope can start your day off to a day filled with Vitality!  If you have non-specific low back pain, these could be ideal.  These movements are physio approved for disc-issues, but please do check with whoever is taking care of your back before doing a new routine - click the picture to join in:



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Published: 14/12/2015

The 6 Top Seasonal Survival Tips!! is the Holidays!!  This past few days I've seen the most beautiful Christmas food on insta....but I have to say I am a little overwhelmed at the ceiling high tubs of chocolate available this year!! Does it feel like there is more food around us this year than ever before?

If you are anything like me, you want to come out the other side of Christmas still feeling merry, having slept well & feel refreshed to take on board everything 2018 has to offer.  But I'm not going to fib, I can feel overwhelmed at the prospect of pushy well-meaning "have another piece of cake" relatives!!

Do you notice how sugar gives you restless sleep or gives you a sugar hangover the next day?  You are not alone.

I am looking forward to spending quality time with my little boy - who has been jumping around more as the sleeps til Santa get ever closer #hedoesn'tneedsugar 

So I'm just reminding myself of the following tips to keep me feeling present & calm!  Hopefully you'll find them helpful too

1) 1 green smoothie - made in advance!!! 

Get the alkaline goodness in to offset the acidic sugars. Batch prep by portioning the dry ingredients into bags without blitzing them, then,  pour it out & add non-dairy milk in the morning for instant blending.  This will set you up for balanced blood sugar levels, which is key for our mood & hormones.  TOP TIP: Make sure you have good fats in there like coconut oil and/or avocado.  This really stops crashing mid-afternoon & heading for the chocolates!

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