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Vitality Back Into Balance Online Pilates Course Enrollment Now OPEN! We start 7th January

Are one of the 70-80% of adults that are affected by back pain?

Did you know 1 in 15 adults consult their GP about back pain?  I don't want you to be one of those statistics.

My 28 day interactive online program will help you:

  • manage chronic back pain

  • increaseyour energy & vitality

  • improve your posture & core stability

  • empower you with self-massage

The doors for enrollment ARE NOW OPEN to start Monday 7th January. BLACK FRIDAY DEAL 20% OFF ENDS SAT 1ST DEC.

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This 28 day program is for you if:

You are fed up of niggling chronic back pain + what used to work doesn't do the trick anymore

You are time-pressured + want proven methods to help you feel radiant again

You are sick of feeling stiff + tired + you want to establish healthy habits that are safe + effective for you long term

Nikki Wiltshire

Anything is possible when you put your mind to it. I am forver grateful for the long-term support from Vitality Centre & I am now back into my pre-baby jeans!

This program addresses...

chronic pain management

Access via a private website, Daily 5-15 minute video tutorials lead by me.  Play whenever you need & keep them for life.  Drawing upon my 13 years experience & delivering you the best formulated plan of action via release, mobility, stretch & core strengthening exercise from the world of Pilates & massage.

Energy & Vitality

By improving your circulation & mobility you will see & feel your energy improve.  Daily manageable movement shuttles toxins away from the muscles & releases trigger points.  You also have access to my simple anti-inflammatory meal plan to compliment the program.

Reduce stress levels

With good breathwork tutorials alongside the exercise & dedicated relaxation moves, you can dial down your stress response & access the calm side of your nervous system.

Improve your sleep

With specific video tutorials dedicated before bedtime, you can gain maximum relaxation & enter deep restorative sleep.  Couple this with the specific foods detailed in the plan for a powerful effect.

Improve your posture & core stability

Through this well-formulated plan, which will take you steadily & progressively through the correct order of releasing & strengthening.  I've applied the most effective strategies used by my 1:1 clients fr best results.

Empower through self-massage

Using minimal kit like the spiky balls, for effective release strategies that you can use anytime of the day for long-terrm success & freedom of movement.

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This program includes:

5-15 minute workouts you can access at your leisure via the private website

3 Cheat Sheets to help with pain manaement via lifetsyle & nutritional protocols

1 meal plan plus over 14 recipes

week 1: Foundation > Mainly Release, Relaxation & Stretch

week 2: Release & Stretch + Introducing some core stability

Week 3: Progressing the releases, deepening the stretches & core stability

Week 4: Progressing the Strength work whilst maintaining freedom of movement

You will also have access to our private facebook group where we will be supporting each other.

You will have lifetime access to all the content to re-visit whenever you wish.

How does it work?

My Back into Balance 28 Day Online Course will run initially with a pilot group by interview (please contact me here if you want to be a part of it if you haven't spoken to me already)

The enrolment at present is only open on a specific date so that we can complete the program as a team, with my time dedicated to your success, I am with you every step of the way.

Once you have enrolled on the program, you will receive your personal pain scale questionnaire, once youve submitted your questionnaire, I will give you a personal response & give you access to the program.  If it is deemed unsuitable for you, I will speak to you about a referal to a suitable plan of action.

On day 1 you will get access to our private online portal which contains everything you need.

Each new week of the program will go LIVE into the portal by Sunday.


Why does this program get results?

Simply put, my program truly takes into account the most effective movement strategies. A well formulated movement plan is the absolute foundation of maintaining a flexible, strong back, so that you can have the freedom to work & play with ease.


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Terry Peace

I no longer fear road junctions or driving discomfort. I exercise daily to maintain the improvements & I've visibly noticed the good alignment in my back now too. I am grateful to Vitality for their help & will continue as their client indefinitely!