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Q: Can I bring my baby?
A: Yes babies are very welcome - we have bouncers, play mats and toys for them here.  That said, If you do have access to a babysitter, you will get more out of your dedicated 'time-out' whilst here.

Q: Is it a female therapist?
A: Yes - it's me, Jana, that is the therapist

Q: What do I wear/what do I need to bring?
A: Come in loose/comfortable clothes for the assessment & then just your underwear whilst being massaged.  I have a very comfy bed that reclines whilst I work on your legs, arms, neck & shoulders.  For my pregnant ladies, I massage your back whilst you lying on your side, bolstered with pillows between your knees & under your head.

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I realise how much better I feel following these recipes! An inch gone from each of my measurements too!
Sarah Rycroft - Vitality Goddess
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Specific Pregnancy & Post-Natal & Scar Services, from Massage to Holistic Core Restore


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Pregnancy Massage

An awesome restorative, soothing but ALSO RESULTS BASED therapy session for a Pregnant woman, using soft tissue skills to help the much NEEDED pain-relief during your pregnancy.

This massage focuses on the unique needs of the mum-to-be, as her body goes through the unique changes in posture & hormone levels.

My clinical massage & pilates background helps assess pelvic girdle pain, & carpel tunnel syndrome, as well as work to reduce swelling & promote relaxation.

Your 1st appt includes assessment, as well as hands on massage to promote balance & release.

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Holistic C-Section & Scar Recovery

This is a dedicated offering specifically for ladies that have undergone abdominal surgery, be it C-Section, hysterectomy or other abdominal intervention. Scar Recovery is challenging for many women and a deeper approach is required to ensure that their recovery is truly an inside-out affair.

There needs to be a deep assessment of the woman’s core strength & connection, followed with a programme involving hands on massage therapies, nutrition, scar tissue release, postural re-alignment work before we  finally get to the  ‘core restoring’ exercise part of the puzzle.

No matter how long ago you experience a C-Section type incision and for whatever reason, if you are experiencing discomfort, this Holistic Scar Recovery will probably give you the freedom that you thought wasn’t possible ever again.

Due to the continual rise in gynaecological conditions that require entry to the Pelvic Cavity via the C-Section procedure and the rise in Hysterectomy for the menopausal woman, the need for an holistic programme that addresses the need for a growing and sizeable portion of any countries female population is way overdue.

For many women who experience slow, poor or painful healing, the appearance of and lack of ability to connect with their abdomen and Pelvic Floor post C-Section type scar is a huge concern.  So as a soft-tissue therapist, Post Natal Fitness and Wellness Coach, I am proud to offer this 360 degree level of care.

The emphasis is squarely on these fundamental pillars of healing from the inside out, regenerating cells with key nutrition as well as movement - your program will be BESPOKE for you!  No one-size-fits-all here!

‘CAN DO’ strategies for helping you REST and DE-STRESS.  The high Cortisol levels associated with the Post Natal period also retard healing and cause you to hold fat around your middle. This programme helps you to help yourself to not only a better looking belly but one that FUNCTIONS and supports your Pelvic, Core and overall health.

Who Is This Programme For?

  • Do you feel disconnect to your tummy and Pelvic Floor since your C-Section/Hysterectomy scar?
  • Do you have a painful or uncomfortable scar that you want to free?
  • Have you noticed a change in your bowel movements since your C-Section?
  • Have you experienced the odd leak when jumping, running, laughing or sneezing and know that that’s a sign that you need to take control of your Pelvic Health?
  • Do you have ‘lower back pain’ issues that you’ve been told is due to a ‘weak Core’?
  • Do you want a better looking belly but know it’s an inside out job so need to go deeper and work smarter than just doing ‘sit-ups’?
  • Are you ready to prioritize this area of your health and learn ESSENTIAL skills to last you a lifetime?
  • Are you ready to learn the importance of food & ‘rest’ and ‘self-care’ as part of your wellness journey?

So, How Does It Work?

  • This programme is dedicated to helping the you understand what’s happened, and what you can do to heal.  Knowing the why’s and how’s matter A LOT! 
  • Every programme is based on a 1-1 consultation followed by prescription for what is best for that client.
  • This programme will involve abdominal/visceral massage if necessary to combat possible scar tissue/adhesions associated with the C-Section Type Procedure.
  • The programme starts by getting the basics of posture and alignment improved including soft-tissue work/remedial massage and to bring balance to your entire body.
  • You’re provided with all the exercise kit you need and a 28-page educational booklet to help you really understand the process and the facts about Holistic restoration of Core function.

The programme has a strong focus on HEALING NUTRITION! 100% .  We heal from the INSIDE OUT!  And I have simple but highly effective strategies for helping you get the specific vitamins and minerals required to heal your Core into your diet easily.

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Calling all post-natal mums wanting to get back to full fitness!

If you’ve had a baby, no matter how long ago and you have a Diastasis Recti or feel disconnected to your Core and/or Pelvic Floor, then HCR Diastasis is the 1:1 session you’ve been waiting for!

BESPOKE programme grounded by a hands-on assessment, massage therapy and clear direction on ESSENTIAL healing nutrition, clear instructions on helpful lifestyle choices, and most importantly a safe,  ’functional’ and modern movement and exercise programme that will help you heal your Diastasis, improve your Core function and guarantee you a better looking belly and a Pelvic Floor that does its job:

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Holistic Core Restore Diastasis Recovery


  • Welcome to Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis!  A Programme created to SUPPORT YOU, THE MOTHER!
  • After over a decade of serving and working with mums, we found that so many women were confused as to what they should and shouldn’t be doing in the very early weeks and months post birth because quite simply, the information and care offered is usually directed mainly towards the health of the baby and many mums are left relatively unsupported.
  • The Holistic Core Restore Programme – ‘Diastasis’ aims to address the balance and provide AN ESSENTIAL supportive program, nurturing advice for the new mum in this important restorative and deep self-care period.  Guided fully, you’ll be safely advised on gentle core re-connection, effective and time-efficient self-care strategies
  • Complete with everything you need from kit to nutrition & clinically endorsed so you know you are supported in core-safe, super efficient workouts!

So, How Does It Work?

What is the Diastasis Program? from Jana Shirley on Vimeo.

  • The programme starts with a thorough pre-screen so I know if I can help you, and if the diastasis program is right for you - plus we'll know if you are suited more for the hands on 3 part 1:1 program spread over 6 weeks, OR the small group 6 week course that meets up once a week.
  • Both 1:1 and small group content includes: access to the specific progressed online exercise videoes for life! All the exercise kit you need.  Your own nutrition manual & 'self-care' strategies.  Plus a 28-page educational booklet to help you really understand the process and the facts about Diastasis.
  • If you do the 1:1 route....These sessions also include soft-tissue work/remedial massage to bring balance to your entire body.
  • I am with you all of the way, ensuring your progress towards your goal and also that your route to success is adjusted as required.
  • The programme has a strong focus on NUTRITION! 100% .  We heal from the INSIDE OUT!  I have simple, but highly effective strategies for helping you get the specific vitamins and minerals required to heal your Diastasis into your diet easily.  You will receive an in-depth nutrition manual with recipes.
  • You’ll also receive your login details for the Online Platform via email which will allow you to log in and view your additional filmed homework, which guides you through breath by breath in real time & is prolapse & pelvic safe.
  • Both the filmed homework and following the HCR Nutrition Guidelines are an essential part of the puzzle, and when followed will truly improve your results and the value you derive from the program.
  • The Homework exercises are progressed and so over the course of the 6 weeks, as your strength and co-ordination improves, the exercises will become more challenging.



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Dates Now UP! Diastasis 6 Week Class Course

Give yourself a gift that keeps on giving in 2019!!  Get your confidence back with the gift that makes you feel truly back at home in your own body!

  • Complete with all the exercise kit you need
  • 3 sessions 1:1, spread over 6 weeks
  • invaluable time to talk, nutrition support, & refreshments after in the relaxation room. 
  • done-for-you recipes to support diastasis healing & core recovery
  • clinically endorsed, guided & fully instructed real-time videos in the online portal for you to KEEP FOR LIFE
  • PLUS option to Bring baby along too - no need for childcare

Love what you hear?

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(currently I'm full for 3 weeks, so booking ahead is essential)

3 x 1:1 + Nutrition Protocols

Keep the online homework FOR LIFE

Keep access to the private online support group FOR LIFE

Keep the complimentary kit bag with all the equipment you need

Book your initail consultation or the whole 3 part program:

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