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  • Learn how to nourish your body without
    calorie counting or deprivation
  • Bust the 'dieters mindset' forever
  • Become inspired with food that balances
    your hormones & elevates your mood
  • Learn useful tools & have my
    evergreen support
Are you ready to feel empowered with your health?
Click here for your gift - my GODDESS STARTER GUIDE, a weekends worth of simple recipes & cheat sheets to get you started!

Imagine feeling Radiant & at Peace with Food? My online & live services:

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Are you ready to:
  • Optimise your weight
  • Release food cravings
  • Slow down the ageing process
  • Boost your cycle & ease PMS
  • Feel radiant & energized

Join me on your empowering journey to healthy hormones, through REAL food & self-care

  • Do you have crazy cravings?
  • Is your weight really hard to shift?
  • Are you struggling with mood swings?
  • Do you want clarity on what food is right for your hormones & life-phase?

I hear you.  And you are not alone.

I'm so excited to share my Online GODDESS Program!


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...If you are feeling frazzled, even when exercising more, eating less, and stress feels like your default-mode these could be your hormones.

These symptoms are common, BUT they are not normal, AND they don't have to be your story.

Have you noticed how your old strategies around diet & exercise just don’t work for you anymore?

Is NOW the time to say “enough!” to brain fog, the stress & PMT?

Imagine going through your cycle with ease, without having to use all your willpower to avoid chocolate or scream at everyone in the household?

Many of us have heard of the challenges in menopause, but what’s happening during the peri-menopause?  This ‘life-phase’ usually starts around 35-40, and fluctuating hormones can have far-reaching consequences on our mood, energy & waist-line.  The good news is there is A LOT we can do naturally to feel vibrant again.

Discover my practical approach to take charge of your hormones & become your own health heroine using proven-strategies to feel like the most vital, most radiant version of yourself?

I’d LOVE you to join us!

This program is for you if you nod your head to most of these:

  • You feel like you need a personal food shopper & chef to get you on track
  • You need proven-strategies that WORK
  • You want a support-network of ladies on the same journey as you
  • You want time effective & budget friendly lifestyle hacks that you can consistently keep up with

A truly awesome energy filled day is possible...and just a couple of times a year I hold space for the Goddess 4 Week ONLINE Program, for ladies who are ready to EMPOWER their health & get their hormones back on track

This is what every Woman over 35 really needs to know to keep hormones & metabolism in balance.

Over the 4 weeks, here's what you get:

  • Your bespoke hormone questionnaire, with personalised feedback, so you have absolute clarity on which hormones are your high priority
  • Proven methods to make a goal and smash it!
  • Motivational Videos from myself focusing on each of the 4 major hormones: Estrogen, Insulin, Thyroid & Cortisol
  • Cheat sheets to make following-through easier!
  • 4 Pilates & Interval Training videos
  • 4 meditation videos
  • Bonus Crazy Cravings & Sugar training!
  • Unlimited support via our private facebook group
  • Evergreen (for life!) Access to the program & the facebook group!



Online Vitality Goddess Program from Jana Shirley on Vimeo.


Take a look inside the actual program here:

Inside my Vitality Goddess Program! from Jana Shirley on Vimeo.

What every Woman over 35 needs to know to feel radiant!  All wrapped up in my 4 week online e-course.  

Why does it get results?

Simply put, my program truly takes into account every aspect of you & your needs.  Optimum nutrition is the absolute foundation of your health, healing & hormonal balance. 

To pay in 2 monthly installments of £57 (a total of £114):



Please note this option of 2 payments ends 25th August, as the 2nd payment is after the course begins.


To pay in full for a 20% discount of £95:



Imagine feeling radiant!

I'd love to work with you.  The doors for enrolment are now OPEN.  Access 4 weeks of give-aways & recipes on the run up to the start by clicking below:

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3 Month 1:1 Mentorship Program

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  • Mon, Wed, Fri
  • 6 hrs 1:1, over 1 hr of videos
  • Vitality Centre/Skype & unlimited email support
  • 329
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It is 100% possible to nourish your body without a dieting mindset.  It is 100% possible to enjoy the process of healthy living & feel happy!

I don't do diets, and I believe you don't need to either

Together we can work together to a nourishing your body & heal your hormonal pathways with REAL foods, and restore your ability to listen to your gut.

I've helped lots of ladies, like Tracey, and Nic, and it does NOT involve eating less & it does NOT involve exercising for hours on end. 

Health is about nourishing, tasty fuel & joyful movement, not punishing yourself...

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book your 8 week plan

I love to get to know my ladies before we start, so please give me a call for a complimentary 10 minute chat about how my program could help you.

I am now fully booked until Sept 2017 - please contact me to be added to the wait list

Let's start with your top priorities - you will receive your 'Unique Health Appraisal' Questionnaire, so that I can see how to help you best before the coaching even begins.

Your 'Unique Nutritional Appraisal' is my Unique Vitality tool to find out what your needs are.  True coaching is about working with you & what you want to accomplish, so that we can design a road-map together fo ryour highest health.

This program is for you if you answer 'YES' to most of these:

  • You want CLARITY with a proven method to find what nutrients serve you best & enliven you!
  • You want to fall back in love with your body - applying my proven process helps you let go of your self-sabotage, to a nuturing mindset.
  • You are excited by step-by-step mentoring, unique to you, with a done-for-you meal plan & recipes tailored specifically for you.
  • You need to TURBO-CHARGE your energy, well-being, hormonal health and feel fabulous!
  • You would love a Support-Network to walk alongside you every step of the way.

Working with me as your guide, will give you the accountability & structure to fast-track you to health, to truly become to HEALTHIEST HAPPIEST VERSION OF YOU

  • Reset YOUR body to eat when you actually feel hungry
  • Heal YOUR metabolism to work efficiently, as a result, you WILL feel amazing in your Summer dress!
  • Develop productive food habits, and let go of the self-sabotage voice

How does the 3 Month Mentorship work?

  • Firstly, schedule your 10 minute phone call to see if we are a good fit.
  • Once you have signed up & paid, you will receive a Questionnaire via email that you fill in & email back before your first session.
  • You will receive 5 hours of 1:1 time with me, at Vitality Centre or via skype.
  • Bespoke videoed homework to keep forever covering the areas important for your success.  This could include meditations, Cravings SOS videos, Essential Nutrients for your kitchen cupboards, & Follow-along meal making.  These will be sent to you over the course of the 3 months.
  • Unlimited email support
  • Weekly food journal checks
  • I will design & hand you your very own Manual with done-for-you meal planners, cheat-sheets & charts, to really simplify your process.
  • Over 21 easy, delicious recipes using REAL foods

Why does the 3 Month Mentorship get results?

Simply put, my program truly takes into account every aspect of you & your needs.  Optimum nutrition is the absolute foundation of your health, healing & hormonal balance. 

In a society that can be overwhelming on un-founded advice on diets, YOU can now take control of what SERVES YOU BEST.  Our journey together is based upon your needs & all suggestions are from my education of evidence-based science, made simple to implement for your highest energy ever.

Book & Pay for your 3 Month Program in 1 installment here for £329

Book & Pay for your 3 Month Program in 3 Monthly installments here for £129 a month

My Recipe Book is Now Here!

Order Your Copy
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Your aims?
  • Optimise your weight
  • Have more mental clarity & energy
  • Freedom from food cravings
  • Slow down the ageing process
  • Boost your cycle & ease PMS
  • Feel empowered through menopause
  • Strengthen your immunity

This recipe book is the corner-stone of my 4 week Vitality Goddess program, with tasty foods that support your hormones

Crowding out the foods that don’t support your healing, with foods that do support you

This is easier said than done, so I went a step further and created delicious meals, with a focus on the recipes being simple, and easy-to-follow, for time-pressured ladies.
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What do you get in this recipe book?
  • The Nutrition you will see in this book is part of my Seven ingredient ‘recipe’ for Hormonal Balance.
  • A quick trouble shooting guide to your hormones, so you are aware of which ones may be of importance to you. This is something we go into depth on within the full online Vitality Goddess Program.
  • 30 recipes all focused on female health & hormonal balance
  • For ease, you will see a section at the bottom of each recipe, entitled ‘Benefits of...’. Here I share which foods within the recipe support and balance out these 4 major hormones, and specifically why they can lift you to greater energy, mental clarity & optimal weight.
  • You will also see your completely done-for-you shopping list & meal plan which gives you EVERYTHING you need to create a weeks worth of these meals for two people.


Do any of these feel familiar?

  • Are you sick of feeling run down on the days leading up to your period?
  • Are you time-pressured & need simple nourishing meals that you can batch up?
  • Would you love to have a done-for-you meal plan & shopping list?

If you are ready to turbo-charge how you feel, order your copy of my new recipe book today

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Online course now in progress
  • Online - join in where-ever you are in the World!
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I've gone from constant pain - to spasm free, feeling fit & I've lost 22lbs!
Nicki Hart
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The Doors are now closed for Hello Happy Tummy!


  • Is NOW the time you finally feel confident in your jeans?
  • Is 2017 the time you finally stop stressing about meal time?

If you answered 'YES' to these, please read on...

  • Are you sick of going round in a loop with your health?
  • Are you tired of rushing around last-minute at meal time?
  • Are you always feeling bloated after meals or feeling sluggish?
Imagine being able to put on your jeans with confidence...

Imagine having a bank of go-to meals in your freezer that are simple & quick to prep & eat...

Are you ready to jump-start feeling great?
This program is for you if you:
  • you are short of time & want simple meals that eases your bloated tummy, digestive issues, food sensitivities or IBS
  • you need a simple guide on how to prep meals for maximum time-efficiency
  • you like a plan of action & like encouragement from others going through the same journey as you
  • you want to get rid of un-supportive habits for good, for LONG-TERM success!

This 21 days includes:

  • videoed lessons each Monday straight to your inbox (5 lessons in total over 4 weeks)
  • cheat sheets for maximum healthy habits to form (10 in total)
  • done-for-you shopping list, meal plan & easy to follow recipes (all have options for vegetarian/low fodmap/gluten free)
  • a cleansing 14 days to eliminate food culprits so you can heal your gut, get beautiful skin, lift your mood!
  • BONUS videoed breath-work & pilates based exercise (4 in total)
  • lifetime access to all of the content
  • lifetime access to the private facebook group

How does this course work?

  • Once you have booked and paid using the link to the right, you are in!
  • Keep your eye open for an email to invite you to our private facebook group
  • At the beginning of each week, you will receive an email with all of the videos & PDF downloads you need for the week
  • I am super excited to work with you!

Why does this course get results?

Simply put, the foundation of our health begins in the gut.  The gut & brain are intimitely linked, so when the gut is working well & is our mood.  

But, there is also another piece of the health 'jigsaw' to make plans & habits stick!

This plan puts the BEST of my work with my one to one clients into a program accessable now for you in the comfort of your home.  Check out the testimonials from a lot of my happy clients here.

I am absolutely passionate about you getting results & feeling radiant - I can't wait for 'Hello Happy Tummy' 2017!


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