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I’m dedicated to ensuring success with soft tissue pain, through applying proven, dynamic techniques such as:

  • Trigger point therapy
  • Sports stretching inc.PNF & MET
  • Soft tissue release and myofacial release
  • Rehab exercises including pilates
  • Kinesio-Taping for effective after-care
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Sarah Rycroft - Vitality Goddess
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Remedial Massage

...So you can get out of pain & feel totally AHH-MAZING!!

This is your tailor-made, completely bespoke service made for your pressing issues

This involves assessing your body as a WHOLE, finding the root cause of soft-tissue pain, for deep & lasting changes in your posture & ease of movement.

Sessions involve mindful movement & manual hands-on soft-tissue remedial work, exercise prescription, & self-care work you can realistically do at home.


Who is Remedial Massage & Pain Re-Hab for?

Following surgeries, birthing, or chronic job-related positions, the body needs a lot of TLC.   As a Remedial Massage Therapist, Certified Health Coach & Pilates instructor I recognise a fully rounded BESPOKE plan of action is needed.  My aim is for you to return to full function & become stronger than before, to stay out of pain & feel amazing!

This is for you if you have any of the following:

  • Chronic pain
  • You are a new Mum
  • You have scar tissue, not limited to, but including a c-section, or hysterectomy scar

How does it work?

At your initial 60 minute consultation where I assess as well as offer some remdial soft-tissue work, I will advice the best plan of action to move you forwards.  We offer 6 session packages as well maintenance appointments ongoing.

Why does it get results?

My ultimate aim is for you to feel amazing long-term in your body.  Simply put, our body works as a whole system, one area can have a profound effect on other areas of the body.  Muscular dysfunction has a cumulative effect on the body & often develops into chronic pain..and so we pay attention to you as a whole.  I use a huge range of bang-up-to-date soft tissue methods & pilates combined in the sessions.  I’ll teach you how you can play a huge role in your recovery, with realistic self-care work you can do at home, as well as some key nutrition elements, as part of the plan I map out for you.

I aim to treat efficiently & effectively to move clients out of pain within approximately 6 treatments, depending on your individual case.

How do I book?

  • If you think I can help, either book the 6 session bundle or a single initial assessment at the bottom of this page
  • I will send you a pre-screening form via email, to complete before I see you, so I can prepare for our session

Investment: Allow 60 minutes for your first appointment at £45.  Please note I require 24 hours notice if you need to re-schedule your appointment.


Ready for September, book your 6 session Plan for 2 payments of £124.


Tailor made for your pressing issues including:

  • 6 hours of powerful rehab including soft-tissue masage as well as exercise prescription
  • Top key Nutrition & lifestyle protocols, which are relevent & deeply needed to address restoring the function of muscles & a pain free body
  • Your own totally bespoke exercise program, bound as a manual for you to keep
  • This program fee is at 10% discount to buying individual sessions, & together we will make a plan of how best to stagger your treatments, but please note they must be used withn 3 months.  If I see you need a longer time-frame to complete the sessions I will discuss this with you & extend accordingly

Alternatively, Talk to me about a totally bespoke plan for you to include further nutritional protocols & a complete nutrition plan with tailored recipes

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Structural Integration Techniques

3 Step Protocol Over 6 Weeks

These highly effective sessions for chronic pain are a series of 3 x 90 minute treatments. Progressively working through the whole body to restore balance. I believe you cannot address a muscle in isolation - trauma or imbalance in one area has a knock on effect throughout the system as we are linked from head to foot with 'fascia'. The course of treatments focuses on this connective tissue to unload structures, restore symmetry & ease pain.

Book your 3 Step Treatment for £150 for 3 sessions over 6 weeks


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Step 1

Initial MOT

Your personalised assessment

  • body reading, postural & biomechanical analysis
  • remedial massage focusing on your high priority areas within your first session
  • discuss a treatment plan with you - 6 session intensive or maintenence
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Step 2

6 session intensive

Tailor made for you:

  • 6 powerful 1:1 sessions
  • Including soft-tissue work, exercise prescription & mindful movement
  • Nutrition & lifestyle protocols for a pain free body
  • Your own totally bespoke exercise manual
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Step 3

Maintenence Massage

One off sessions

  • ideal after the 6 session intensive, or if you require space between sessions
  • mini-assessment, followed with deep tissue work encompassing the massage techniques specific for you
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