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1:1 30 minute NO OBLIGATION induction £15

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My abdominal pain has gone, my energy has rocketed & I lost weight as a result too!
Tracey Jones
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Is NOW the time you BOOST your metabolism?

Is NOW the time you take control of your HEART & METABOLISM?

Is NOW the time you increase your strength whilst still supporting your pelvic floor & back in the process?

Join us for 8 Revolutionary weeks of metabolic BOOSTING Pilates Barre & Power Plate Classes that take your fitness to the next level.

We specialise in functional fitness including Pilates Barre & Power Plate that builds upon the foundations of our RESTORE courses to build a SUPER-STRONG CORE, whilst still supporting your back & pelvic floor.

Your health is at the centre of our focus.

Clients come to us because they want safe and effective exercise that gets they can move with confidence, completely supported by our highly trained team.  Our classes have a maximum of 6-12 members, so everyone receives one to one attention.

We could be the perfect fit for you if you answer 'yes' to most of these questions:

  • You have specific goals in mind & want a customised plan of action.
  • You want smart exercise delivered from experts in the field of metabolic BOOSTING
  • You need a class tailored to your needs; especially when you have had previous injuries or pelvic floor considerations
  • You need to feel safe in the knowledge that what you are doing is relevant to your needs & life phase
  • You want to feel re-assured that what yu are doing is right, in an un-intimidating environment
  • You want small classes with between 6-12 members as a maximum - so you get great attention & the RESULTS you need
  • You want to Progress effectively - our 8 week courses that take you from feeling stiff & sluggish to EASED-UP and BOOSTED!
  • You need specific advice & progression - we will recommend the right class courses for you as you progress
  • Online booking where you can re-schedule your class at your convenience given 24 hours notice, to any other suitable class on the timetable within the 8 week course
  • Access to our private Facebook group with filmed exercise videos that you can follow-up at home & Blogs on all things wellness - from how to ease injury and pain, to tasty anti-inflammatory recipes!
Vitality offers a breath of fresh air from the large & intimidating classes that some place have. I love the small classes in such a positive friendly environment.
Mel Smith

How does this course work?

  • When you know you want a place on the course, you can purchase a 1:1 thirty minute induction
  • In the induction we perform some simple muscular tests to assess where you are at with your core strength & muscular concerns.  This enables us to tailor the group session you then enter, according to what you need
  • In the induction we also go through some key core exercises & give you your complimentary nutrition booklet & band
  • We discuss which class fits your needs best & offer a one off trial of 2 classes for £10, in one of our current courses (subject to availability)
  • There are only 6 places in the 8 week Power Plate Courses, & 12 places in Pilates courses, so please don't delay if you need more info, or simply sign up for your induction below straight away!

Our next 8 week course runs from Monday 9th April - Friday 1st June

Book your induction here to get started before the next course begins.

Before joining Vitality, I was looking for a class in which I could learn how to do Pilates properly. I tried Vitality, and I'm truly delighted with the instruction, atmosphere and the lovely sense of community that Jana & her team have created. It's a real gem & I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Why do these courses get results?

When it comes to exercise, you COULD DO any type of dynamic jumping about...but is it the BEST CHOICE for you & your needs?  When we re-establish core connection through evidence-based awesome exercise like Pilates & functional movement patterns, we re-align our body so we can move freely & with ease LONG-TERM.  

Our BOOST programs deliver the most bang-up-to-date exercise methods from proven-effective studies.  It is time-effective, so you getthe biggest 'bang-for-your-buck' when it comes to results with your metabolism & tone.  All of the instructors here are specialists in the field of fitness & rehab, with every exercise tailored towrads the needs of each group, including pelvic floor safe alternatives.  

  • The classes within each 8 week course need to be used within the course time-frame & do not roll over to future courses.  Each place is allocated to a member.
  • If you cannot make your usual class, you are welcome to go to our online scheduler & check for space in the other classes within the current 8 weeks of the course.  We will do everything we can to accomodate you within one of the 16 class courses we run.

I am absolutely passionate about you achieving your goals, as I want you to feel as good as these happy clients.

Boost classes

Boost Pilates

55 mins...these classes are designed as a progression once clients are pain-free. Challenging and toning pilates exercises are designed in a format to get you the results you need, whilst also being functional to your life; strength for lifting, stability for those who are desk based and over-all fabulous CORE STRENGTH.

Power Boost

30 mins...Stimulate your muscles multiple times per second with Power Plate training, so you can achieve maximum results in minimal time. Improve your strength & reduce body fat. Speed your metabolism for a lean silhouette! Resistance based & High Intensity Interval Training methods are used in these classes!

Vitality HIT

45 mins... HIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training - a proven fat-loss system to really blast the body fat for up to 48 hours after class! The 45 minute class is studio-based & uses a variety of different resistance exercises with fab equipment & motivating music.