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From April 2011 I have been attending a mixture of Pilates back-care classes and Power Pilates and would highly recommend the classes.
Rick Lunn
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Published: 15/02/2018

Maca Bliss Balls

These are our fastest selling bliss balls at Vitality & make a great low sugar snack.

If you haven't had a chance to get some, I thought I'd pop the recipe here with our compliments!

The ingredients are formulated to keep you full for longer, and sustain your energy.  Whipping up a batch of these can really help mid-afternoon to help you avoid the dreaded trip to the vending machine!


Used since Aztec times, it was said that warriors ate this peruvian root to give them extra vigour before going to war!  The phyto-oestrogens within maca are wonderful in the 1st half of a womans menstrual cycle, and a natural anti-dote to hot-flashes through the menopause


Full of naturally occuring magnesium, these tasty nibs are wonderful for energy.  Magnesium is needed for over 300 chemical reactions in the body, including muscle repair, great sleep & sustained energy.  Cacao is a perfect pick up, especially on the run up to your period, ladies.

If you are local to us, you will find these ingredients on our reception!

We LOVE seeing your creations - so please do share pics of your bliss balls on social media (like facebook) & be sure to tag me in it so we see it!

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Published: 12/02/2018

My Morning Rituals

In an ideal morning, perhaps we would wake up naturally with the sunlight, spring out of bed and go do a workout to feel mobile, energized & mentally lifted. 

Or maybe waking up mindfully & padding over to your kitchen to pour a hot lemon/cup of tea & take it back to bed is your thing....

For most though, or first few minutes of the day is our noisey alarm clock, or an equally noisey little one jumping onto your bed!

Mine is definitely the latter!  Then add in the stiffness perhaps - that statistically 75-85% of people experience in their can make for a groggy morning!!

So, realistically, knowing that our mornings can be hectic, whilst also really wanting to feel there a way to factor in something to nourish our muscles & mind??

Being in business now for over 13 years (I know....its getting harder to pretend I'm 25!) I've worked with 100's of clients to get them out of pain and back into balance.

Time and time again, the results come in when we combine manual therapy (massage) with Pilates & anti-inflammatory nutrition protocols.

This method is working so well, I just know I have to share it, so everyone can benefit.

Do you want to diminish your low back pain?

Do you want to get back into exercise, but you are nervous, or unsure of what to do?

If so, I really hope my top morning rituals can help you too!

Here are my top 3 morning rituals to get your daily off to an easier start:

1. Activation Triggers

These strategies here, start off with my daily 'activation triggers' (things that I put in place beforehand to make it easier).

My 1st activation trigger starts off with my work-out clothes being hung over my bed the night before. These work-out clothes need not be 'insta-worthy' BUT they are the most powerful thing I do to feel my best every day.  All I need to do is crawl out of bed to get them on!

2. Taming the flames of Inflammation

Once my work-out clothes are on...I then go and down 500mls of water to get rid of toxins & revitilise my blood, whilst the kettle is boiling for my hot water & lemon.  Lemon is actually really alkaline (which our bones, blood and basically our whole body loves!!)  The massive amount of water here has been clinically proven to shift our metabolism to work 30% higher for at least 1 hour afterwards.  How cool is that!!

3. Mindful Movement

Everyone is unique, so the correct programming for back-pain is absolutely essential.  Always check with your GP before embarking on an exercise program.  We follow the NICE guidelines here at Vitality for our 1:1 clients - which is the latest government guideline that states that manual therapy (ie - massage) as part of a treatment package that includes Pilates is an effective way to treat low back pain.

Our classes are small groups so we can pay close attention to everyone.  The following video is some of our most mindful & useful of movements, that I hope can start your day off to a day filled with Vitality!  If you have non-specific low back pain, these could be ideal.  These movements are physio approved for disc-issues, but please do check with whoever is taking care of your back before doing a new routine - click the picture to join in:



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Published: 05/02/2018

Banana Pancakes

Hands up who loves a pancake?

It's useful to know you can have your pancakes & stay on track with your health!

This is a firm family favourite & its just too good not to share it with you ready for pancake day.

For busy mornings, I batch ahead & store in the fridge for up to 3 days.  They pop into the toaster for a quick re-heat!

Let me know how you get on & if you have a friend that loves a panckae please share this with them & spread the love.


2 pancakes



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We all have lots of well intended plans when it comes to exercise.  But, there can be a lot of hurdles to actually getting into the routine of it AND feeling good in the process.  Would you agree?

If so, I know exactly where you are coming from.  And you are not alone.  So in light of that, I've popped my 3 biggest tips here, to ensure that you get the results you are after, in a way that works well for you...week after week after week!

1. Have a chat

Oh yes, I'm big on this one.  Before you embark on your very first class, have a chat with your instructor.  We always advise our clients to arrive early to orientate themselves & chat about any health concerns.  This means that your instructor can adapt exercises to meet your needs.  If you do have any specific pain issues or goals in mind, scheduling an initial induction where you get to have 1:1 time, can do wonders for your confidence & put your mind at ease that you are being cared for.  

Ask yourself what you want most out of your class.  If you have had previous injuries, surgeries or have had a baby, you may wish to be in a small group - so your instructor can have their watchful eye on you throughout the class & help you out.  


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Published: 09/01/2018

Why Good Poop Helps Your Thyroid

Our thyroid is our butterfly shaped gland in the neck that regulates & drives our metabolic rate throughout our whole body.  You may have heard of TSH (our thyroid stimulating hormone) but what actually drives the cells in our body to function well is the active T3 that is converted from T4 in the thyroid.

There are a few things that can block this conversion.  And the key thing here is to know that we are not just made of parts - we are completely interconnected.  This is where, as the title suggests, your thyroid & your poop are connected!

These things can give us conversion issues (making each cell in our body go on a go slow):

  • Our age
  • Our gut bacteria
  • Certain mineral & vitamin deficiencies
  • Stress
  • Certain medications
  • Auto-immune conditions
  • Food sensitivities

Our gut bacteria converts 20% of our T4 into T3.  Therefore, we need to have lots of good bacteria to do this job  When we have lots of bad bacteria (which can be caused by all of the issues above) we end up with what is known as gut dysbiosis.  

Dysbiosis makes us constipated, as well as damaging the cell lining - like punching little holes in the walls, which causes inflammation & food sensitivities.

When we are not pooping we can end up with symptoms like:

  • Acne
  • PMS
  • Thyroid issues

This is because our stool is sitting in our large intestine, and the toxins INCLUDING OLD OESTROGEN get re-absorbed into the body & tax the liver.  When the digestive system is on this go-slow, it signals to the thyroid to also go slow.

That said, there are wonderful solutions.  Whilst the correct testing is very important, which I go into more detail within my Vitality Goddess Program.  Also medication can be a bridge for some people.  BUT we cannot dismiss the critical lifestyle & nutrition protocols that get our system working in harmony once again.

If you are constipated or have a sluggish metabolism, there are solutions for you.

These are some of the very effective things that have worked with many of my clients, which we address & support each other in depth within my Goddess Program....

How to get healthy poop & therefore help your thyroid:

  • Taking out certain known foods that score highly for inflammation, for a short time & re-introducing
  • Testing the elimination of Gluten - as Gluten sets off a protein that damages the gut lining
  • Healing the gut, like Taking a high strength pro-biotic amongst other protocols
  • Dialing down the stress & setting healthy boundaries in our lives.  Trust me, there are ways you can do this.  I have got your back & I'll be sharing loads on this.

If you would like support to help your thyroid, I would love to help.  We have a FREE 5 day self-care challenge starting next week - 15th January - which you can access here

Within the challenge, I have taken some golden nuggets straight out of the Vitality Goddess fully interactive online 4 week program which starts on 22nd January.  All the details are here.

Below is Helen, who lost 12lbs in last Years intake.  Although weightloss is not our focus, it is a very pleasent result of our hormones coming into balance!  We would love you to join us if you want to ditch the diets & nourish your body.

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