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The Mummy MOT helped me heal my diastasis in 4 weeks!
Laura Lambert
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Do you need to make sure you are near a loo when you are out?

Do you hope for the best when you sneeze?

Or have low back pain BUT it appears fine on an MRI scan?

Over the past few months I've been doing deep education into pelvic floor & core restore work, as it is a MUCH needed area of support, and I can LITERALLY feel the revolution of change in womens Health & Wellness, especially when it comes to holistic programming! 

That said, at the moment...pelvic floor is still a very taboo subject & it isn't widely known YET that you can TAKE CONTROL & BE IN CONTROL once more, with your bladder.

In fact almost 50% Women have a Bladder & Pelvic Health issue....yet wait 6.5 Years before they put themselves first, to get it sorted - when in many cases it can be resolved in 6 weeks!!

So, I'm here to spread the word that there is LOTS that can be done....and I cannot wait to share it with you!


"If we've been continent once (ie - when potty trained) We CAN be continent again" ~ Michelle Lyons, Pelvic Health Physio


Could any of these 3 symptoms be driving your bladder issues? 


1) Impact.  It is common to leak when you sneeze, cough or jump...BUT I think it is largely mistaken for being 'normal'.

For MOST of is 100% fixable to return to a fully functional pelvic floor (joy!)  This means running about after your little ones with confidence.  Or, Leaving the house NOT worrying about where the nearest toilet is!  Doesn't that sound amazing!



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Published: 17/12/2018

The Benefits Of an Infrared Sauna

I am so excited to announce.....our plans for an Infrared Sauna room is underway!!

For a long time I've known the benefits of an infrared sauna, outwaying the usual saunas....and we've often dreamed of having our own!

Within the next few months, you too will be able to benefit from it's detoxing & anti-inflammatory effects, as we instal one here at Vitality!

But what is an infrared sauna??

A usual sauna heats the air around you, whereas an infrared sauna uses light that penetrates deeper into you body, which makes staying in the sauna for longer, more tolerable.

What are the benefits?

Infrared saunas stimulate bloodflow & decrease inflammation.  This will be a huge benefit to clients before massage & after classes!  

When I leave an infrared sauna, I feel clear-headed and lighter.  It is one of the best ways to switch on our MUCH NEEDED relaxation response, & will be available for use for non-members too.

Sweating is the fastest way our body eliminates toxins, and infrared penetrates deeper into our body helping to sweat out toxins, not just water and some salt.

Keep your eyes peeled for when it arrives, and the early bird offers!



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Calling all post-natal ladies that are concerned with your tummy! (no matter how old your child is now)

Do you feel concerned with your core? 

Are you worried about the 'gap' or doming down the midline of your tummy?

Would you like to feel more at home with your new body?

As someone who has been in this field for the last almost 14 years....I am concerned A LOT by what I see on social media...

Is it reality to think that we can go back to having a tummy like our 20 year old self?

I strongly believe this idealism does not do our sense of worth any favours (or acknowledge the miracle that our body has performed)

I am passionate about ladies feeling at home in their new body, and also about them being SAFE with the strategies they use to 'get fit' postpartum.

Most ladies, post-partum, have a gap in their mid-line, because of accomodating room for baby during pregnancy.


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Why would strengthening our posture help our pelvic floor?

Nothing in our body works in isolation.  Old text books used to display the start & end of a muscle, however, what we know through scientific research more recently, is that the muscles are bound toegther in a 'web' of connective tissue.  So if we have a 'chink' in the chain, this is going to have effect along the system.

One of the 6 chains is here - the superficial posterior line:

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We take 17,000 to 20,000 breaths in a why not put some of them to good use?

Current research shows that when breathing isn't optimal it can trigger:

  • Smooth muscle contraction, leading to vasoconstriction &/or spasm, including colon spasm (Yokoyama et al 2008)
  • Reduced oxygen to cells & tissues
  • Increased fatigue, pain & myofascial dysfunction
  • Increased risk of urinary incontinence
  • Increased physical overuse stresses & comprimises in core stability & posture (Haugstad et al 2006)
  • Increased sense of apprehension & anxiety (Rhudy & Meagher 2000)

So what does optimal breathing look like?

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