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The difference was apparent within weeks - individual session with Jana helped to release tight areas and helped me understand the muscles I needed to strengthen, and the Pilates sessions put it all into practice.
Deborah Redmond
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Imagine feeling more powerful, energized & pain free...

We could be the perfect fit if:

  • Your body is in pain, or your energy is frazzled.  You're looking a plan of action!
  • You would love to get exercising, but are unsure of what is safe & highly effective for you
  • You want to be in the hands of a team that knows where you are coming from

I hear you, and we could be a perfect fit!

I am Jana Shirley, the founder of Vitality Centre which we opened in 2012 after 8 years in the industry.  My partners dedication to converting a deralict pub, The Warren House, enabled me to realise my vision; a 'hub of health & wellness'!

My aim was to provide an un-intimidating, caring environment for pain-relief and energy boosting; via massage, exercise and nutrition.  I truly believe the body is an inter-connected system, and a very individual one.  This is why all of our programs are bespoke - there are no set rules - our effective programs are tailored to the level and needs of each individual.

Vitality Today

Today I now have a small and dedicated team working alongside me, each equally passionate about the standard of care clients receive.  Vitality Centre has become not just a place to learn self-empowerment through the health techniques we promote, but also, a great place to meet like-minded friends.

These days you will find me heading up the RESTORE Pilates programs for back-care and pelvic health, or in my treatment room working with clients with chronic pain, or guiding ladies through my Nutrition Mentorship Program.  My specialty is pelvic pain & hormonal health.

I have studied extensively for my own health, when recovering from adrenal fatigue in my 20's.  Looking at the whole person has really helped in clinic too, for example, looking into the nutrition of person as well as physically addressing imbalances can get to the root cause of someones pain so much more effectively than just looking at one area. 

I am humbled by the success of Vitality and give many thanks to every single person that has helped us grow, and has passed on our message of health to others.


About Me from Jana Shirley on Vimeo.

Meet the instructors

Dan Cox
Personal Trainer, Pilates & Power Plate Instructor

Dan is one of the most welcoming instructors you will meet. Dan heads up our Personal Training & BOOST programs for speeding your metabolism, and leads our popular Pilates classes.

Dan will ensure you feel very comfortable here at Vitality, & he is always a wealth of knowledge - with a First Degree in Exercise Physical Activaty & Health at Huddersfield University. When he isn't working or studying you will find Dan training for the grueling Total Warriors & Tough Mudders!!

Qualified Bsc Hons, Personal Trainer NVQ 3, Modern Pilates NVQ 3, about to qualify as ITEC Massage Therapist!

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Simone Amps
Pilates Instructor

Simone heads up our wonderful Advanced Pilates programs, with grace and style from her years as a professional dancer.

When Simone isn't teaching, you will find her running around as a busy mummy!

Simone is qualified in Modern Pilates NVQ 3, and Pregnancy & Post-Natal Pilates.

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Jana Shirley
Remedial Massage Therapist, Pilates Instructor, Nutrition Coach

Jana works wonders with our clients chronic pain & - with her specialty residing with pelvic pain & shoulder pain.

She is known for her amazing treatments, using her careful skill to ease pain quickly & effectively. To truly boost rehabilitation Jana also offers kinesiotaping (if you've seen the bright tape on athletes - this is kinesiotape!)  

She LOVES mentoring clients with her nutrition programs in Huddersfield & London.

Massage Qualified in ITEC Massage, Advanced Clinical Massage, Myofascial Release.

Fitness Qualified Personal Trainer NVQ level 3, Modern Pilates, Pre & Post-Natal, Clinical Back-Care, CHEK level 2.

Nutrition Qualified Certified Health Coach of Institute Integrative Nutrition

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